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The Work Research Institute

The Work Research Institute (WRI) is a social science institute performing multidisciplinary, action-oriented research. Our aim is to produce systematic knowledge on working life. The institute is especially concerned with forms of organization and leadership which promote the collective ability to learn, cooperate and adapt, and thereby create a better working environment.

The institute emphasizes the importance of broad, action-oriented research programmes based on the needs of working life. The programmes are formed in close collaboration with Norwegian business and industry, both in the public and private sector, as well as with national and international research institutions. The institute also carries out short-term projects for organizations, companies, government agencies and other public bodies.

Most of our staff members are social scientists. The institute also benefits from the expertise provided by its graduates in engineering, law and other disciplines.


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Juridiske aspekter ved arbeidsutleie - Arbeidsutleiebedrifter/vikarbyråer har preget norsk og europeisk arbeidsliv i flere tiår, men har også trådt i stadig skiftende juridisk terreng. Se presentasjon fra AFI-forum 31.10.2013.
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