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The Oslo Research Group on Responsible Innovation - Modern society is characterised by rapid technological development. Synthetic biologists engineer cells to produce new enzymes, nanotechnologists create chips that can be implanted in the human brain to control vision for vision impaired, gene technologists modify goats to produce HIV medicine in their milk, etc.
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Article: Playing the Cards: Using Collaborative Artifacts With Thin Categories to Make Research Co-Generative

 Gudrun Rudningen

Gudrun Rudningen (AFI) et al. ask in this article: How can collaborative artifacts mediate processes of researcher–practitioner interactions to make research more co-generative?

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Article: Institutionalising ELSA in the moment of breakdown?

 Ellen-Marie Forsberg

In the article Ellen-Marie Forsberg (AFI/HiOA) take an institutionalist approach and discuss challenges in institutionalising an ELSA network (Ethical, legal and social aspects of emerging science and technologies) at a time when a designated ELSA funding programme is coming to an end.

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Article: Cocirculating epidemics, chronic health problems, and social conditions in early 20th century Labrador and Alaska

 Svenn-Erik Mamelund

Analyses of mortality in Alaska and Labrador during the 1918 influenza pandemic indicate that influenza itself was only one of several factors influencing mortality in different communities. The article is written by Svenn-Erik Mamelund (AFI/WRI) and Lisa Sattenspiel.

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The start-up scene that is changing Norway

 Asbjørn Grimsmo

Asbjørn Grimsmo (Work Research Institute) has been intervjued by BBC News about health consequences of working outside regular hours.

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Article: Resistance to Control—Norwegian Ministries’ and Agencies’ Reactions to Performance Audit

 Kristin Reichborn-Kjennerud

In this article Kristin Reichborn-Kjennerud (AFI) explores how the ministries and agencies react to the Norwegian Supreme Audit Institution's control. Factors influencing them are both their position in the organization, the administrative level of their organization and the number of performance audits they had experienced.

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Book chapter: The politics, rewards and paradoxes of the Norwegian ‘petroleum adventure’

 Anders Underthun

In this book chapter Anders Underthun describes political processes, key data and important debates that can be associated to the emergence of a Norwegian petroleum industry.

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